3 Item Tri-Fold Gift Catalogue
Great for Birthdays, Wedding, House, Warming, etc.
Gift Catalogue
Contains 3 items on a one page
tri-fold brochure,
wrapped with
raffia and sealed with wax.
*****Each Catalogue includes an ordering form with multiple ordering methods.*****
This Gift Catalogue Is a pre-paid Gift, like a Gift Certificate in the
form of a brochure. This catalogue contains 3 items ranging in
similiar price. You give the catalogue to the recipient and all they
do is pick one item, order it, and it is shipped directly to them.
Catalogue #2............Item #RCA110
Contains Monogram, Name & Address Plaque.
Slate plaques in this Catalogue are 4 1/2" x 9 1/2"
Monogram Slate Plaque
Name Slate Plaque
Address Slate Plaque
These slate plaques will make a great addition to  your Front door,
Entrance, Gate, or Column Mounted mailbox.
Each package is sent to the recipient
Gift-wrapped and sealed with a wax seal.
Each package contains Slate plaque,
installation instructions and stainless
steel screws.
3 Types of Tri-fold Gift Catalogues
All catalogues have the same plaques, just different Text Heading info.
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