Terms : Pre-Paid
  1. 1. Company Check
  2. 2. Money Order
  3. 3. Credit Card
The Studio believes CREDIT is a privilege, and not
freely given.
We decided long ago that we should be focusing on
our work rather than collections. So we offer Credit
Card terms as an option, which gives the client
30 days to pay through their card issuer.
CREDIT is extended to long term Clients and
relationships built with companies over time.
Thank you for your understanding,
Timothy Michael Kelly
C O M M E R C I A L /  D E S I G N
A P A R T M E N T   &  C O N D O
has a wide array of commercial clients.
Interior Designers
to Restaurants. We specialize in
Reclaimed VINTAGE Artisan Slate.
T. MICHAEL STUDIOS is the leader in Hand-crafted
fabrication of Reclaimed Slate. We have been
working with VINTAGE SLATE since 1 9 9 8. And
feel our standards for quality and design surpasses
anyone else.
In addition to exterior address and
logo signs, we  can also supply
interior slate signs. Such as
Door Labeling