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Wedding Plaque.
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Custom orders are for people who want something other than standard listed items. They can be
made to your exact specifications. From Shape to Size to Artwork to Lettering. Custom orders will
incur extra expenses due to extensive communication via e-mail / phone, draft process, custom
cutting of slate sizes/ shape and custom shipping and packaging. Custom orders are very time
consuming and usually take a little longer than regular expect 3 to 6 weeks for total process.

Here's the process for custom orders.............
1. E-mail with your size, shape, engraving info, etc.
2. I will provide an estimate based on your original specifications.
3. Once a price is agreed upon , payment will be needed (via Credit Card ) before draft process
begins.....(if for any reason you are unsatisfied after draft process, payment will be refunded.)
4. Once payment is made, draft process will begin.
5. We will provide you with up to 2 drafts with up to 2 changes.
6. Once draft is agreed upon, your order will be put in line with other pending orders to be
completed. 3 to 5 weeks

(Please expect that custom orders will be more expensive than personalized orders because of
the individual nature. (Most will start at $70.00 - $200.00)