IMS Barter
~ This webpage is set-up for IMS (International Monetary Systems)
It is for members only...
IMS Procedures
1. To Place an order...Please fill out the order form below....
Shipping will not be included in Barter.

Shipping Options : 1.Pick-up at Studio ( see contact info), 2. Pay shipping with
Credit Card. (See chart below)
Need a Gift Card? or have Special instructions?
IMS Order Form
1. Fill out: Name ,Date , Ship address, e-mail, & phone.
2. Fill out order numbers and descriptions
3. Under "Payment", Please put your IMS Account Number.
Also under "Payment", let me know if you are picking up your order at the
studio or  use chart to calculate and pay for shipping via Credit Card.
"The IMS Special"
Catalogue #2 .........Item #CA110
One page Tri-fold brochure.
Includes Monogram, Name & Address plaques.

T. Michael Gift Catalogue
*****FREE Shipping is included .******
Great for any Business!!
Realtor Closing gift.
Thank you gift.
Landscaper gift
House warming
U.S. Shipping & Handling

If your order total:                Your shipping is:
$0 - $19.99               = $6.99
20.00 - 39.99            = $8.99
40.00 - 59.99            = $11.99
60.00 - 79.99            = $12.99
80.00 - 99.99            = $14.99
100.00 - 119.99        = $15.99
Gift Certificates can also be
If shipping goes over this amount, A quote will need to
be issued.