Quality, Care & Installation
Misconceptions about Slate
Slate is a very durable rock. Alot of people I talk to confuse it with SHALE. Shale is
very brittle and is a completely different rock. Slate has been used in the roofing
industry for hundreds of years. It is made up of layers rock that overlap each other
making it extremely strong. It's water resistant properties make it a great product for
outdoor decor.
Installation (House plaques)
Each slate plaque has left the studio with two mounting holes.(5/32" holes) Depending on
the surface in which you mount, depends on the type of screws you will use. (Please ask
your local home improvement store for correct hardware for your particular substrate.
Screws: When buying screws, I recommend buying brass or stainless steel. Others screws
will rust, thus leaving rust lines on the slate when it rains. Brass screws will eventually
tarnish, blending in better with the slate.
Mounting : Place the plaque where you would like it to be mounted. Hold the plaque exactly
the way you want to see it, then mark inside the holes using a pencil. This is where you will
drill the holes for your screws. Use a 9/64"drill bit or smaller for a pre-drilled hole. Do not
depend on the holes being perfectly aligned. Once you have drilled your holes, place plaque
back up to where the holes meet and screw in your screws.
Always hand-tighten the
Be careful not to tighten the screw to tight. The slate will break from to much
pressure. Using a rubber washer will help protect from this occuring.
If you need to open the hole for any reason, A regular drill bit will work fine.******
Caring For Slate
Each piece is sealed before leaving the studio. It has been sealed with a Flat or Matte acrylic
spray sealer.( It is in an aerosol can)
To protect and keep the slate beautiful in outdoor
conditions, (especially black slate) it is strongly recommended that you keep the slate sealed
with this type of sealer.
Please check the finish of the piece every year to see if there is a slight sheen. If not, spray a
coat of matte sealer on it. I try to keep the finish looking as natural as possibly, so I use a matte
sealer. This type of sealer should be able of being purchased through a hobby or craft store.
Spray extremely light stokes at first to judge the sheen. You can always add another coat.
**If you use a Glossy or Satin finish spray, be careful not to spray to much. You don't want a
glossy look to it.
Sources for Sealer
*******Certain Walmart stores now carry Krylon ( Matte and Satin
Spray in there Paint Dept.***** Try to find the Matte first****